Need a Ride?

New to the island?  
You don’t have a car yet? 
Bus pick-up is available all over the island.  Just give us a call and we can arrange transportation for you.
You can contact us directly from our Contact Us page.  There you will find a map, our phone numbers and a form to submit your information and questions.

Bus Pick-up Schedule

Camp Kinser               BEQ 1217 @ 0830
MCAS Futenma         BEQ 415 @ 0905
Camp Foster               BEQ 5718 @ 0920
Camp Courtney         Dining Facility Bus Stop @ 0930
Camp Hansen            USO @ 0910
Camp Schwab           USO @ 0830
Kadena                          Please call for time
If your location is not listed please call                                     929-2695 or 090-3793-2003.